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Cyber Security

Die „Cyber-Kriminalität“ steigt rasant an. Gleich­zei­tig sind Unter­neh­men mehr denn je abhän­gig von der Sicher­heit ihrer Daten, der IT-Prozesse und der digi­ta­len Kom­mu­ni­ka­ti­ons­wege. Angriffe auf die IT-Landschaft eines Unter­neh­mens kön­nen in kür­zes­ter Zeit zu unvor­her­seh­ba­ren Schä­den, Ver­lus­ten und Aus­fäl­len füh­ren.

Virtuelle Welten – Existentielle Gefahren

  • Our IT security experts help protect our clients by building their security capabilities and investigating computer crime and hacker attacks. Forensics and prevention complement each other at Corporate Trust, since we advise you with an eye on practical application and specific threats.

    Although we offer the entire spectrum of a classic IT security consultancy, our strategy differs from our competitors:

    • Corporate Trust’s mission is to create a secure environment in which you can focus on your company’s goals without distraction. We are determined to make your company secure without impeding innovation and ideas.
    • Not every problem can be solved by technical means. Instead, we develop interdisciplinary solutions jointly with our experts from the classic security fields (counter-espionageinvestigationscomplianceand crisis management). Consequently you are provided with an economically sound mixture of technical, organizational and personnel-focused measures to protect your company.

    Complex security problems require eminent expertise. Focusing on priority areas in our consulting work, we have become market leaders in